EarthCraft House™ is a program developed by the Southface Energy Institute and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to encourage environmentally sound and energy efficient construction. Each house is inspected by special Earthcraft Inspectors to ensure it meets the program's stringent guidelines.

McConnell Homes are some of the highest scoring in the EarthCraft House program. Our goal is to build your family a healthy home by improving indoor air quality and reducing energy costs. We've been trained in the latest green building techniques to ensure a high-performance house that is good for the environment, and good for you.

Site Planning
Erosion control measures reduce silt pollution to local streams.

The house is sited on the lot to save the most trees possible. We develop a tree protection plan and supplement with additional native trees and plants.

Energy Measures
Air sealing measures reduce heating and cooling costs by stopping air leaks. Proper sealing also removes conditions for mold growth in walls and floors.

Proper installation of insulation and caulking keeps you comfortable by maintaining a constant temperature throughout your house.

Rigorous testing of the HVAC duct work ensures proper installation and reduction in duct leakage to < 5% (standard construction is 12% or more).

Properly sized HVAC units combined with high energy efficiency gives you increased comfort and lower energy bills. Units are sized to give enough cooling time to remove moisture from the air and provide a constant temperature.

Indoor Air Quality
Garage is sealed to prevent car emissions from entering living space.

Gas fireplaces and furnaces are directly vented to the outside to eliminate back draft of deadly gasses into living space.

The foundation is waterproofed and structured to properly drain moisture away from the house. A moisture barrier between concrete and wood prevents water from wicking up into the house and causing mold growth.

Ventilation replaces stale air using a MEDIA or HEPA filtered outside air source.

Resource Efficiency
Careful planning and 2-ft dimensions reduce waste materials.

Recycled and natural content materials are used to reduce the strain on valuable natural resources. Many wood products such as engineered flooring and trusses are stronger and more durable than conventional lumber.

For more information, visit the Earthcraft web site.

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