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McConnell Homes offers a variety of energy efficient upgrades for your new home including certifying the home through the EPA's ENERGY STAR program. Our employees and subcontractors have been trained in Green Building techniques to ensure you're getting the best house for your dollar and the environment. Each house is evaluated based on plans, insulation, solar heat-gain of its windows and doors, and the energy efficiency of the mechanical systems and appliances.

Upgrading your custom home to an ENERGY STAR home may not be as expensive as you think. An increase in the energy efficiency of your appliances and mechanical units will benefit you with lower monthly utility bills for years to come. We also give you the choice of enrolling in the Environment's For Living program that guarantees your energy bill for three years. The program is nationally recognized and the ENERGY STAR certification translates to a higher resale value when you decide to sell your home.

Benefits of an ENERGY STAR labeled home:
Reduced energy bills
Tighter construction techniques reduce air leaks and proper sizing of HVAC systems increase efficiency and lower your energy usage. ENERGY STAR appliances and low flow plumbing fixtures also help reduce energy and water consumption.

Healthier indoor air
We provide a filtered outside air source for each HVAC system to remove stale air from your home. This filters allergens and pollutants preventing them from entering the home; and in addition filters them out of your indoor air, potentially reducing asthma and allergies.

Low maintenance
By building your home with high quality materials and installing them properly, we provide our homeowners with peace of mind and a house that will age gracefully.

Comfortable and quieter home
Making your house tighter keeps temperatures regulated evenly throughout the house. Proper sealing and installation of insulation and windows keeps your house tight and free of those cold corners and rooms.

Lower impact on the environment
Atlanta's electricity is produced in coal burning power plants. The less energy used in your house means you have a real impact on the air quality of your community and your family. You can be proud your ENERGY STAR home uses 30% less energy than other homes in your neighborhood.

Make a difference in your lifestyle and your new home.
Make your house an ENERGY STAR home!

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